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I’m playing catch up and finally showing you guys the rest of our place! I figured I better get this up before I decorate for Christmas and it looks different! 🙂 You’ll notice of course that my office is not included in this post. That’s because my office is not yet finished. (Booo.) I hope to put the final touches on it this winter during slow season (when I have the time – hopefully). So stay tuned for that!

But for now – here it is — the majority of our new place! And trust me, I’m well aware that I’m no interior designer. (Thought I should throw that little disclaimer in there! ha ha) 🙂


This is the interior entrance to our front door…

Straight ahead is our bedroom – to the right is my office (yet to be revealed) – the door on the left is our main bathroom, and to the left of that is our living space.

The living space in a little hodge-podge picture…

We have our vows printed along with a photo from our wedding… a great reminder of what we promised to each other!

I stuck with a pretty neutral palette for the main bathroom because the granite counter tops kind of decided that for me. So I pulled grays, browns, and creams from the granite & went with that! (Also, I’m obsessed with the bathtub – but didn’t clean it for these pictures – so I’m not showing it! haha)

The place was already painted these colors when we moved in. It is very similar to the color we had on our walls at our old place – so we kept it. I like the calm, neutral tone. Also – most of this furniture we already had. We just had to add bar stools, coffee table & end table. All the canvases you see are my images printed on plain white paper, and mod-podged onto canvas by me for a kind of ‘artsy’ look. Although, now I’m dying to upgrade to real canvas prints of those images. Maybe someday!

Notice our wine rack is empty – as are those two bottles (almost)! ha ha

I love to mix baskets/boxes and personal elements into our bookshelves. It keeps things visually interesting and the baskets are so useful for storage!

Love my grandma! Pieces from her home are tied in all over our place. <3 The middle photo shows stones and pesos from our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta.

The middle photo is of a plaque that hung in my grandparent’s bedroom. I absolutely love it.

The view into the kitchen from the living room… (The open floor plan is my FAVORITE! I can make dinner and watch TV/talk to James!)

I have these pretty bread baskets, but ran out of storage – so I took an idea from my mom and hung them on the wall – along with another piece that came from my grandma’s kitchen.

And last but not least – a photo that hangs above our sink that I took the night James proposed to me (having no idea he was going to propose a few hours later). Oh… and Chloe – hunting squirrels – of course! 🙂


Stay tuned for the office reveal! 🙂

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