wedding & marriage love-fest :)

Weddings have been on my brain lately – since 3 people who mean the world to me are getting married in the next 4 weekends! 🙂  (Yay – Missy, Sara & Anne!) 🙂
Because I’ve been super swamped trying to get packed… and work… and edit… and prep camera gear for an engagement shoot I have before the wedding tomorrow (praying the weather holds out for both!) – I don’t have a ton of time to write much.  But, I want to leave you with this wedding/marriage tidbit.
Those of you who were at our wedding (and who read the programs) have seen this poem before. It was taken from a plaque (above) that my grandparents received at a church couple’s retreat they had gone to many moons ago. It hung in their bedroom for years and years and years and I was lucky enough to receive this bit of their life when my Grandma passed away almost five years ago. I remember reading it at the time and dreaming of a day when I too could have a love and marriage like theirs (this was 2 years prior to meeting James).
The plaque now hangs right by our front door (where we can see it daily) – to remind James and I what marriage is and should be, and to honor the memory of my grandparents and the wonderfully supportive, loving, and nothing-short-of amazing marriage they had for 55 years.
Here is the poem – since it’s a bit hard to read from the photos:
What greater thing is there
      for two human souls
than to feel that they 
      are joined for life.
To strengthen each other in all
     labor, to rest on each other
in all sorrow, to minister to
     each other in all pain, and
to be with each other in
Joy & blessings go out to my lovely ladies tying the knot in the next few weeks! xoxo

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