5-carat ring

James told me this today as we drove out of the outlet mall parking lot: 

“With all the cheap jewelry you’ve bought in your life, you could have had a 5-carat diamond ring by now!”

I beg to differ… Plus, I’m perfectly happy with the ring he gave me + all my cheap jewelry on the side. 🙂 
I’ve been looking for bracelets for quite a while now but can never find any for the following reasons:
     1. I have my mother’s insanely skinny wrists so bangles don’t stay on too well.
     2. I have trouble finding reasonably priced bracelets that don’t look super-duper cheap-o (shocking, I know!) 
However – today I walked out of the Aldo store with happiness in one teeny little bag:
Okay, okay – depending on your style, some of these may in fact look cheap to you.  BUT – it was a 2 for 1 deal! So, although I really only had my heart set on the gold ball/cuff one (2nd from the bottom) because it’s cute and stretchy and therefore fits my wrist – I bought the other group of bracelets as well because you can’t turn down something in addition for free!

Finding great deals makes me very happy… which is why I could never get a 5-carat ring. Something tells me they don’t give those to you in 2 for 1 deals. 🙂 

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