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We officially have the first room in our place totally done! Wee!! Thankfully – for my sanity – it is the bedroom. In the past James and I have always had a haphazard kind of bedroom. There was no real decorating, nothing matched or coordinated, the walls were white, and our bedding was one size too small for our bed. As such, it ended up being the room in our old apartment where we threw anything and everything when company came over (and even when they didn’t). And it drove me crazy.

This time around I wanted a room that was clean, put together, and calming. Lucky for us the walls were already painted a color we both liked (a faded green that almost looks gray in some light), so I chose gray linen bedding with a blue pattern on it, along with navy pillows and a blanket as accents. I finally went out and found some nightstands I love (yay IKEA!), and some simple lamps to go on each one. Of course we needed a little storage – in the form of a dresser I’ve had forever and a little bookcase for odds & ends. And for decoration – we added a personal touch by hanging photos from our wedding and 2nd anniversary above our bed. The mattes of the wedding photos, as you will see, are signed by our friends and family that attended our wedding. I love to glance at them as I get ready in the morning and read all the well wishes over and over.

All in all, I wanted a place to go to at the end of the day where I could pull back the covers, maybe read a book by lamp light, and go to sleep – without clutter or junk to take from the bed and throw on the floor, or shove in the closet (like we’ve always done in the past). Thankfully, so far our bedroom has been just what I hoped. And because I’m so obsessed with finally having a put-together bedroom, I actually make the bed EVERY DAY. It is the one routine thing I do that makes me feel like my day has officially begun.

Anyway – enough chatter – here is our bedroom! 🙂


From the door:

Another step in:

I did another terrible photo mash-up so you can see the room a little better….

And angles from all the corners (it’s a bit on the small side, but it fits everything we need it to – so it works for us!):

Huge closet behind those doors! 🙂 Yay! (Not showing you the inside though – I still need to get some storage in place to get the last of my summer clothes out of suitcases on the floor!)

I threw James a bone on this one. I hated that he wanted his hats out – but he claims they will get flattened anywhere else. So, there they are. (Go Brewers!!) 🙂

And last but not least – my jewelry storage. I think it looks pretty out on display – and this makes it way easier to find what I want and for things not to get tangled up!


Stay tuned for more room reveals as our place slowly but surely comes together! 🙂


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