Gina + Paul ~ Backyard Northbrook Wedding Photography

When Gina first contacted me just a few short months ago to see if I was available to document her 11-person wedding in her parent’s backyard, I was so excited about the possibility of being a part of the beautifully intimate day that I changed my plans around for the weekend. I went from insisting I not shoot any sessions on my birthday weekend, to saying – Of course I’m available!! and moving my party plans to later in the day so I could shoot this fabulous little 4-hour affair. After meeting Gina and her mom over coffee to chat about the wedding I was even happier I had agreed to do so, because these two immediately felt like family to me. Their relationship reminded me so much of the relationship I have with my own mom – and I felt so lucky to get to be a part of the beautiful day they were planning!

The reason I didn’t get to meet Paul in that first meet-up was because he just happens to be from Britain and was in the process of getting all the paperwork in order so that he could make the trip to the States for the wedding (and beyond)! When I did finally meet him on the wedding day I liked him right from the start. He is brutally (and hilariously) honest (much like a certain guy named James that I know), and I love that in a person! You never have to wonder what is on his mind, because Paul will go ahead and tell you! ha ha 🙂 He always keeps Gina laughing and smiling – and I think that is such a key ingredient in a successful relationship. These two are so adorable together and are always looking at each other with a sparkle in their eyes. So sweet.

Gina and Paul – Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your personal, and gorgeous wedding day! May you two always look at each other the way you do now, and may there always be laughter in your lives! xoxo!


Gina you are GORGEOUS!

I love that Gina looks totally freaked out about popping this champagne in the photo on the right… when in reality – I should have been the one making that face! (Just you wait! ha ha!)

I was documenting the champagne popping, when Paul popped his bottle and the cork flew straight up in the air. I was “click, click, clicking” away (wondering quietly where on earth the cork went), when what felt like minutes later – THUNK!!! – the cork landed square on the top of my head!! ha! ha! This moment could never be reenacted even if we tried a million times! Everybody burst out laughing and I did my best to keep clicking away to capture their laughter – all while laughing so hard myself! I realize the photo below is completely out of focus – BUT – I had to share it regardless because I love it! 🙂

Paul wanted to do The Reservoir Dogs walk for pictures with his guys… but they looked so goofy on their first try that the girls watching from the side couldn’t help but give them a hard time! ha ha

They were a little more successful at looking cool in their later tries… 🙂

Then Gina and Paul snuck up to the front of her parent’s house with me for some portraits. Are these two stunning – or what?!


Stay tuned for more photos of this gorgeous pair from the city session we did a few weeks after their wedding!!!

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