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As most of you know… this past Friday was a big day for my family. (See parts 123,  4 and 5 of the story first – if you haven’t already.)

Those of us within driving distance went to the airport to greet my sister and her husband when they arrived home from Ethiopia with their 3rd child – beautiful ‘Sunshine’. (FYI – That’s just a blog nickname for her, not her real name – although I think it fits her pretty fabulously.) My nephews stayed back home for this trip – so they hadn’t seen their mom or dad in 10 days, and had yet to meet their little sister.

I could go on forever about what the day was like for all of us… watching the boys see their parents for the first time in almost two weeks, watching their reactions to their new little sister, seeing the love in everyone’s eyes… so happy to meet this little girl we’ve had in our hearts since August… but I fear that my words won’t do the experience justice. So instead, I will just get right to the photos and hope that the images can tell the story for me. All I can say is that we are all – SO. HAPPY… so filled with love and joy… and so blessed.

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