good news friday

I wanted to tell you guys some good news yesterday, but it was our anniversary day – so I wanted to stick with the post I had originally planned. That means TODAY I get to share some good news with you all!! **YAY!** And, today is Friday! **Double YAY!!!**  🙂

So – on Wednesday my sister and her husband finally got a travel date to go to Ethiopia and complete the adoption process and finally bring Sunshine home! They will be leaving in just under two weeks (**Yeah!!**) and will be flying back home – to be greeted at the airport by both of their families on April 22nd. Which means – I get to meet my beautiful niece in just three short weeks!!!

Can I get a **YEEEEEAAAAH!!** ??? 🙂 (Sorry for the cheesy/ridiculous excitement… but seriously, we’ve been waiting for this day since August, when we first found out Sunshine would be a part of our family – so everybody is a *bit* ecstatic around these parts!)

So if you all could keep my sister and her family in your thoughts and prayers that all goes smoothly from here on out, and that they have safe travels – that would be fabulous. And especially pray for little Sunshine – because this will be quite the adjustment for her after such a long wait in the orphanage. And perhaps while you’re at it – you could pray for these two cuties as well… since having a new little sister in the family will be an adjustment for them too…



Happy good news Friday everybody!



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