I’ve had a few people ask me lately if we’ve heard anything about when Sunshine will be coming home, so I thought I should give an update… 
My sister and her hubbie are oh-so-patiently waiting to hear when their embassy appointment will be – but still no word from Ethiopia. We all originally thought it would be late January or early February, but that keeps getting pushed back further and further. At this point we will be lucky if they travel somewhere in mid-to-late February.
Honestly, it feels like forever since we first saw a photo of her and knew she would be a part of our family. We all thought (and hoped) that she would be home with us by now. But that’s not the case… 
So we pray – and we wait… and we trust that she is being taken care of by wonderful people somewhere far across the world.  And we can’t wait for the day when we get to meet her… kiss her, hug her and watch her grow. 
In the meantime, we’re all staying busy – especially my sister and her family. They’ve completely decorated her room in super-cute, homemade bird frames and hand painted wall art. It’s beautiful. It really is. (See below!) 
And now they’ve decided to take on a major home-renovation before she comes home to help pass the time. They are literally tearing down a wall in between their kitchen and living room! I told my sister – hey, whatever it takes to keep your mind and body busy while you wait for Sunshine – do it! 
And so we wait… and wait… 
Any prayers and positive thoughts sent towards my sis and her family at this time would be much appreciated. It’s not an easy thing – this whole process – so any reinforcement you can give, or prayers you can send are sooo welcome. In the meantime, I will keep you all posted… And hope.hope.hope  that before you know it, she will be here with us.

(I thought I was the artsy one, but my sister seems to have proved me wrong with her super fabulous projects lately! Don’t they look great?!)

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