time flies

I was lucky enough to get to spend this past Saturday with some of my closest and oldest friends. I went back to my hometown for my best friend from high school’s first baby shower, and in the meantime got to see my other dear friends and also got to meet the adorable little 8-day old, Rowan James Donovan. It was a bit crazy to experience all those things in one weekend!

It got me thinking about how time flies… It really is insane how I still feel like I’m 16 years old when I’m around these girls… yet somehow, we’re actually 13 years down the road from that time in our lives! We’ve all experienced so much together… and now suddenly we’re at the point where we’re in serious relationships, getting engaged, getting married, and having babies…

It’s a beautiful thing to have old friends who you get to be with through all those stages of their lives – it really is. To see them growing, loving, laughing, at peace… it warms me immensely to see those I love so muchso happy.

Kim is SO beautiful! I can’t even handle it…

We only had a few minutes to snap some photos of Rowan before we had to run to the baby shower… Here are a few of the little cutie and his mom!

Seeing all these gorgeous moms and moms-to-be made me want to have a little family so badly! Darn baby fever… I need to steer clear of these beautiful mamas!  😉


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