Hi guys! I’m a *teensy* bit busy at the moment – so I’m going to do just a quick post to chat about some big changes that are going on around here!

As some of you know… I’m in the process of re-branding my business. A lot of people ask me But, why? I like your current stuff! when I tell them that I’m in the middle of this process. The bottom line is that while I feel like I did an okay job designing my current website, logo and branding materials – I’m not really sure that it is totally “me.” And it’s definitely not the best it could be. (Basically, it’s nothing I’m totally stoked about.) After all, I went to school for photography and photography is what I do. Even though I may be ‘okay’ at design – I will never be a designer. So, I figured I’d put this responsibility in the hands of someone who definitely knows what she’s doing… Promise Tangeman!

For those of you not familiar with her… she is absolutely amazing at what she does! (Maybe you should go over to her blog and check out what she’s up to…?!) The thing that really made me want to work with her (other than the fact that I her designs) was that her designs are not about her – instead, they are about her clients. She emphasizes that she gets inspired by what I am inspired by… that she wants to create a look that is ME and something I will FLIP OUT over (as she says). 🙂 And THAT is totally fabulous if you ask me!

Naturally, I am completely stoked about this entire process! It’s like having someone redecorate my home… except she’s redecorating my business instead! Promise is so talented that she has people knocking down her door to work with her, so I had to book months ago in order to schedule my re-branding for this April. And as you all know – April is here (!!) so we are getting this thing rolling now! Yay!

The first step in the process was for me to build an “inspiration board” to send to Promise filled with things I love (accessories, furniture, architecture, textures, colors, logos, fonts, etc.) to help give her an idea of what my style is and the kind of things I’m drawn to. (For a more in depth explanation of her process, check out her discussion about a project she finished a couple of months ago.) After some confusion about what on earth to put on my board, my lovely cousin Sara suggested that I just pretend I was going online shopping and save the images from anything I would want to buy for myself or my home. (Smart girl!) Next thing I knew, I had a cohesive inspiration board with a definite look/style! (Who knew I had a distinct style that I was drawn towards? I sure didn’t!)

So – here is the inspiration board I came up with!



The next step in the process is that Promise comes up with her own inspiration board based on the look and feel of mine to see if she ‘gets’ my style and to make sure we’re on the same page. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with and to continue this process!


. . . . . . . . . .

(I did this board a month or so ago and silly me didn’t save the links to the images… so anything I could find the links to now I did – so here they are: Steve Madden shoes here and here; Anthropologie couchbag, and monogram letters; the wedding invitation suite and yellow drinks were scanned from a Real Simple Weddings magazine, Crate and Barrel furniture and curtains herehere, here, here and here; Etsy prints here, here, here and here; Etsy baker’s twine here. And I’m sorry… but for the life of me I can’t find where I found that black leather bracelet… I thought it was J.Crew but can’t find it! Also – logo links: Anthropologie, J.Crew, Banana Republic and Rifle Paper Co.)

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