meeting sunshine

I got an email from my sister yesterday…
She and her hubs have made it safely to Ethiopia on part one of their journey to adopt Sunshine.  And today – they get to meet her. 
This thought has been flowing in and out of my mind since I read the email. I mean, I knew they were going to meet her when they went for this first part of their trip (obviously) – but I guess hearing it from my sister and knowing that today is THE day – has really got me thinking… what that must be like. 
To meet a little baby girl for the first time, whose picture you’ve been looking at for months. You’ve already imagined her home with you. In your daily life. Playing with her brothers. Smiling. Laughing. Learning to talk. You’ve imagined doing her hair. You’ve prepared a room for her and sewn her clothes. You’ve ached to be near her on her first birthday…  
And now – you finally get to meet her.  All those thoughts – and plans – and ideas – and dreams start to unfold in front of you. 
I can only imagine how they will feel when they first lay eyes on her today. 
. . . . . . . . . 
It seemed fitting to share some pictures with you guys from this past Saturday. My sister and her family came to my parent’s house so my brother who was up from Florida could see the boys. While they were there we had a mini-celebration for the littlest nephew’s 3rd birthday at the local bowling alley (since a few of us can’t make it to his official party).
You could sense that both boys were acutely aware that their parents would be leaving in a couple days to head to Ethiopia to meet their soon-to-be little sister. They were especially quiet, emotional and drawn to them even more than normal. 
Tiny bowling shoes are the cutest.
The little guy bowled much better than most of us – including myself… 
 Because what fun is eating cheese curds if you don’t stretch the cheesy goodness while doing so?
 He was already having an emotional day & it didn’t help that his little brother was beating him at bowling… 
 Prepare yourself for the happiest little boy ever thanks to the birthday song: 
Praying for safe travels for my sister & her hubs… and hoping all goes smoothly in Ethiopia! xoxo!

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