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I honestly think July flew by faster than any month yet this year, so the fact that it is August today is kind of taking me by surprise. But instead of continuously chatting about it here – I’ll let you see what July looked like for us in photos! Camera photos – to be exact. Here’s life behind the scenes in July!


So this first set is pretty much what our life looks like at home when things are a little crazy…

1. Eating terrible food way too often (and usually very late at night… ahem, after weddings when we are starving)…

2. Working in my PJs until almost 7pm, and cuddling Chloe-pup for a little break midday…

3. Dishes upon dishes… oops.

4. Laundry piles on the dining room table… oops (again).

5. Our bed in total disarray. (So much for making it every morning)…

6. And office supplies stacking up with every new UPS shipment that comes in (when I’m in my PJs & answer the door… Every. Day. I’m pretty sure our UPS guy thinks we don’t have jobs… haha)


Other parts of the month out and about looked like this…

1. Strawberry picking with my mom!

2. Chloe passing out on the tarp between our seats… haha. 🙂

3. Lattes & brunch with Jess and Lauren chatting all things Turning Tides!

4. Staying late at a wedding because our fabulous clients invited us and because some of our best friends were in attendance!

5. Chloe and my sister’s dog, Bodie, harassing James early morning after our Madison wedding… hehe.

6. Brunch out in Madison with my brother Will!


1. My cousin Sara had her baby!!! Alice Rose… <3 LOVE.

2. Brady and Morgan are moving to Cincinnati!!! 🙁 I’m pretending I’m super happy for them (we are), but I’m also really sad they’re leaving us, and the windy city! At least we got in one last date night before they’re taking off!

3. So, word to the wise – if you’re fighting with your spouse, don’t try to gloss over it and go to an adorable wine bar for drinks and dinner because neither of you want to talk about the real issue right now. It won’t end well. However, the wine was delicious. We’ll have to go back when we’re not dealing with residual issues…

4. More babies!!! My friend Jeanna welcomed little baby Greyson to her family in July too! (He’s on the chair that all my friends are staring at – haha.) Look for his newborn session on the blog next week!

5. Doggie on my leg. Nothing better. 🙂

6. Insanity trying to get into the Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake Concert. I nearly passed out. I may or may not be severely claustrophobic. YEAH.


1. My mom, dad, and grandma came to visit us for a lunch out in the city while my grandma was up from Florida!

2. Chloe loves to attack us when we workout at home. We finally got her to lay on the couch while we did our new Bob Harper DVD, but she made sure to keep a close eye on James! haha

3. Blueberry pie. Recipe courtesy of Caili Helsper. Holy moly… we’re obsessed. Well, I love it… and James has a problem… like… he LOVES IT. haha. We finished it in less than 3 days I think!

4. I think James is giving me the stink eye. Either way – they’re so cute!!

5. Chloe and I first thing in the morning, though? Not. So. Cute. haha!!!

6. I forgot I can make my hair this curly with little to no effort (i.e. air drying)… look for a how-to on the blog next week!!! 🙂

And that’s it! We’re looking forward to a much quieter August around here. We have the retreat next week, and only a couple weddings & engagements, along with a family visit (yay!), and much more down time in general to refresh & reboot before the 2nd half of wedding season gets even crazier (I’m looking at you September & October)!!!


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