Timing & Miracles ~ Alice Rose ~ Madison Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

James and I spent this past weekend in Madison again… this time for Theresa and Brian’s wedding Saturday at Monona Terrace! As luck would have it – this also happened to be the same weekend one of my best & longest life friends, my cousin Sara, was due to have her baby girl. I was hoping and hoping she’d show up just a pinch early so that I could meet (& photograph) her while we were up in Madison. And just this once – the timing worked out just right.

Sara and Jeff welcomed their first born baby, Alice Rose, into this world Friday evening. They came home from the hospital midday Sunday and I immediately headed over to visit and love on baby Alice! You know I took lots of photos, cuddled & held the teeniest/newest baby I’ve ever seen in person, and asked every labor/pregnancy question possible to Sara (who looked gorgeous as always, regardless of – oh, you know – bringing a child into this world just a day or so prior).


(Above are iPhone pics from throughout the day. On the far left: I told Alice to ‘strike a pose’ and she took me pretty literally…. haha ;-))


The entire time I just couldn’t get over how amazing this whole thing is… having babies. How on earth did that tiny human grow inside my cousin?! Maybe this isn’t so strange and crazy amazing to other people – but for me – it just blows my mind. All of it. It truly is a miracle.



Welcome to the world baby Alice. We all love you more than you know. xoxo.


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