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There once was a day (ahem, yesterday) when I realized I am not in fact Wonder Woman. I thought for some crazy reason that I could manage to catch up on editing ALL the sessions I have pending still, shoot a ton of new sessions, hold numerous meetings, and blog 4 weddings this week, all before prepping for this week’s wedding and heading to Madison today… and well, it turns out I may just be insane for thinking that possible. haha!

Because apparently I need sleep. Who knew?!?! And after shooting an extended engagement session Wednesday night, and getting home close to 9:30pm, finishing up some things, crashing around 12, and getting up again at 5am to shoot a sunrise elopement yesterday, followed by a lengthy (and amazing) meeting with Lauren & Jessica finalizing details for Turning Tides… I came home and realized my body has had enough & laid down for the most necessary nap in the history of the universe. (Okay, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration… ;))

So I apologize that there isn’t another beautiful wedding up today (I am a little disappointed in myself for not keeping up with my plan to blog weddings within the week they were shot – a rule I made for myself this year)… I know I’ll get caught up soon, but only if I take care of myself first. It’s difficult because I see all these other people in the industry who appear to be doing it all, have it all, and are even busier than we are still getting things blogged in days, and turned around to clients in the blink of an eye… so I always think I need to do that, or that I must be capable of it somehow! When in reality – I need to be kinder to myself, and cut myself some slack occasionally. We do work really hard, and sometimes you just can’t do it all. You don’t NEED to do it all. And I’m trying to remind myself of that this past month (in which life was insane).

That being said – I want to thank all my lovely clients for being patient with me as I get things back to them. You all are simply amazing and I know have been so sweet and happy about getting images in the time frame I am currently. (I am aware I probably hold myself to way higher standards than you awesome people do – and I love you for that… and lots of other reasons, of course!)

But of course I couldn’t leave you guys empty handed on the blog today so I thought I’d share a few images of mine and James’ time with our adorable niece and nephews last weekend after our wedding in Madison. We wanted to thank my sister and brother-in-law for watching our crazy dog during the wedding, so we offered to take the kids out on an excursion Sunday. James and I had the best time running around Madison with these little munchkins and can’t wait to see them again when they come to visit us in Chicago in August! They just light up our lives, and remind us what is really important. Life isn’t about being perfect, or appearing perfect, or being Wonder Woman… it’s about slowing down, laughing, and enjoying some ice cream on a hot summer day! And they reminded me that it is okay if you can’t lick fast enough to keep all the ice cream from dripping down your arm, because there will always be someone there with napkins to help you clean up your mess. Oh, and they also reminded me that sometimes naps are required. 😉


This little dude has made it his life’s purpose lately to do anything to NOT look at my camera… haha.

I wish I could say I told her to do this… but alas, this was all impromptu by her! haha! Wow.

Sunshine is taking after littlest nephew (in that she pretty much copies whatever he does – i.e. not looking at the camera), and oldest nephew does everything he can to look utterly bored in every photo I take of him. haha! They are killing me here!!

See those two little schemers in the left photo?! haha! And again on the right… meanwhile oldest nephew is looking bored as usual. (I promise they are laughing/smiling/having fun – just not when I try to take a photo of it! ha!)

So I pulled out all the stops… jumping pictures!

Did you know holding hands makes you jump higher? It’s science. 😉 (I was hoping they might look happy in this photo – but these kids are so competitive they are totally focused on the jump! ha!)

This photo just makes me laugh. So much for simultaneous jumps!

(The last 3 are iPhone pics…) All tuckered out.

Heart. Melts. <3


Happy weekending everybody! We’re off to Madison for Theresa & Brian’s wedding on Saturday! SO excited to see these two again!!!


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