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It’s hard to believe we’re a solid month into summer (technically), and 2 months in by normal standards! I thought it was about time to hold myself accountable for our summer bucket list challenge that I posted about early this summer and see how we’re doing with it!! (New notes in parentheses & italics next to those I have something to say about… and lines through those we’ve done!)



Here goes!!

  • Go camping – (Turns out James doesn’t believe in camping in the summer. He’d prefer fall when it is chilly. I guess that makes sense, if we didn’t have 1 million weddings this fall… haha)
  • Ride our bikes to get ice cream in Lincoln Square
  • Take Chloe to the dog beach
  • Read a book for fun – (I need to work on this. James bought me a fiction book to read for fun which I plan to start in August when things are slower around here!)
  • Go to a water park
  • See a concert (preferably outdoors) – Going to see Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z tonight!! YES!!!
  • Play in the backyard with the kids / grill out at my sister’s – Yup!! We played at home & out in Madison with the kids!
  • Go to the Terrace & share a pitcher of Spotted Cow – We went to the Terrace, but we had ice cream instead of beer (there were children involved! haha)
  • Take ballroom dance lessons – We’re 4 lessons into our classes at Arthur Murray with Charles and we love it!!
  • Take James to get his tattoo finished – Done! But now he feels the need to add/fix/touch-up something on it – so this is kind of back on the list. Oh people and their tattoos. I will never understand… lol.
  • Have a picnic dinner at Montrose Harbor by the skyline view at sunset – We watched the sunset at Montrose Beach, but didn’t have a picnic dinner. Does it count that we had dinner outside at a Mexican restaurant instead?! haha
  • Hang out at Jeanna & Mark’s house on the lake with friends from home – (I was hoping to do this over the 4th but little Greyson showed up late, so maybe we’ll make this happen in August!)
  • Get a turtle sundae at Michael’s Frozen Custard – (We’ve been to Madison so many times already for work and never did this! Blasphemy!)
  • Eat popsicles & Luigi’s Ice as often as possible – Yes!!
  • Read books & drink wine on the back deck at night – Well, it’s been to hot to do this on the back deck lately – but we’ve been doing this!
  • Make s’mores over a campfire – (I’m planning to cross this off at Turning Tides Retreat!) 
  • Go on a boat ride – (We just bought a Groupon to rent a boat to take on the Chicago River – so YES – SOON!)
  • Go to a farmer’s market (preferably in Madison – because it is THE BEST) – (Not yet, but must do! I may have to go to a local one since I’m not sure we’ll be up in Madison on a Saturday for a while…)
  • Go strawberry picking & make at least one batch of fresh jam from mom’s recipe – I’m considering this done. I went strawberry picking, but used the berries to eat on cereal & put over ice cream instead. 🙂
  • Find an outdoor pool in Chicago & swim more regularly –  YES! We went 2 times last week now that we found a pool we like! Yeah free Chicago pools!!
  • Go to a drive-in movie & watch it from the roof of our car



How are you all doing on your summer bucket lists?! We have a lot to do yet – but I’m loving crossing each and everything off this list!! Summer has actually felt a bit like SUMMER this year and not just non-stop work! 🙂 Yay!!!


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