So Much to Say…

… so little time.

Is that how the saying goes? Is there a saying for that even? Either way – the one thing that I miss most during busy season is really WRITING. I mean… feeling something in my core, the deepest part of my being, and just pouring it out right through my fingertips into my computer. The sound of click click tap tap tap pitter patter… whatever you want to call it… of my fingers on the keyboard. (I can’t think of a good word for that sound! haha. Oh well.)

There really is nothing like pouring out your thoughts, and I don’t think I ever appreciate it fully until I don’t have the time to properly do it. I start to feel a bit trapped in my own brain – and that is never a good thing. At least not for me. (Or James. haha)

Almost every day I think of something I’d love to write about. I craft blog posts in my mind while I’m driving to sessions or laying in bed at night. A piece of me I want to share with you all… thoughts, laughs, struggles, stories… something I want to put out there so in a few months or years I can click back through my “personal” posts (as I often do) and read through them like a diary. Remembering where I came from and what I was feeling back in the summer of 2013, when I was so young and strong. (Because that’s what you think when you look back on photos and words and things… you realize in retrospect how hard on yourself you were. And then when you’re older and wiser, you see yourself for what you really were back then… more beautiful than you let yourself believe, stronger than you showed those around you, and blessed more than you let yourself feel. Isn’t that how it goes anyway?)

But I digress.

I have so much to say and sometime soon I hope to sit down and really share it with you guys. I have been holding a lot back lately… some of it was by choice, some of it was out of respect, and some of it was because I simply didn’t have time to adequately say the things I want to say. I didn’t know where to start.

But I hope that changes soon.

I hope to share more with you all and get back to being truly open and vulnerable as I was way back in the start of this crazy journey (and most of the time throughout). I just think sometimes this space gets so business – business – business – that I’m not sure where to draw the line or switch it up. After all, I have clients waiting on photos. Sessions and weddings to blog. And so I post those day after day, and when I feel like I need to share a bit of us in the middle of all this work and photo busy-ness/business – I post something that lately has felt a bit superficial. (Which I think inevitably happens when you’re holding something bigger back.)

Anyway – I’m not really sure where I’m going with this except to say that I appreciate you guys sticking around and reading this whole time. I know I have had some of you coming to this blog for years now, which is crazy (how has it been that long?!) … and some of you just recently jumped on board. Either way – I appreciate all of you and love the support you’re constantly showing me. It means SO so much to me throughout the insanity that is life, and marriage, and growing up, and falling down, and starting/running your own business from the ground up… you have no idea.

And so I just wanted to say thank you.

August is a quiet(er) month for us around here, and so I hope to get back to writing more and sharing more again soon. In the meantime, I hope you stick around for the pictures of beautiful people & sweet moments… like this one of these two – coming next week…



Have a fabulous weekend! James & I are in Chicago for the first weekend in quite a while… shooting a wedding Saturday, and relaxing (yay!) on Sunday. I’ll see you all back here Monday! Much love always – xoxo.


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