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Gosh – I have so much to say about these two I’m not sure where to start! For one, I LOVE that they did their wedding their way! They focused on what was important to them and really just wanted to throw a great party for their family and friends! I love that they threw traditional gender rules regarding wedding parties to the wind, and Sammie had her best friend, Mike, stand up next to her as her “man of honor.” I love that they had the girls and guys all in hues of gray with the flowers and succulents for a pop of color. I love that we casually wandered around the Memorial Union for photos while the bridal party shared a pitcher of beer (because honestly, I think it is illegal to go to the Terrace and not get a pitcher of beer)! And lastly, can I just say that I love Jesse & Sammie’s style?! They both just looked so amazing, and I may or may not have wanted to snag all Sammie’s gorgeous J.Crew accents that she wore!!

Anyway – enough about the look of the day… let’s get to the important stuff! I have a little story to share…


After their ceremony was over and we were waiting for family to gather for photos I saw Jesse adjusting and turning his wedding ring.

He turned to me and said, “Is it a good size?”

I said, “What do you mean? Does it feel snug? That’ll get better when you cool off and your hands aren’t as swollen.”

“No, I mean – do you think it’s a good size? How does it look?” Jesse asked.

I replied, “Oh – you mean is it too thin or too wide of a band? I think it looks great just like that! Why, what do you think?”

He paused and thought about it a moment, as if it had just hit him – the weight of what exactly this ring stood for and what had just occurred on the rooftop at Monona Terrace only moments before – and he replied, “I think it’s just right,” with a smile on his face.


This moment from Sammie & Jesses’s wedding day for some reason really stood out to me. I think it sums up their relationship perfectly. It’s hard to put your finger on it or explain it fully – but they just compliment each other so well, cheer each other on, and keep each other smiling in a way that as Jesse put it… is “just right.” And spending the day with them watching them interact made that so apparent to me.

Sammie & Jesse – James and I had the best time being a part of your fabulous wedding day! Everything was so laid-back and fun – just like you two! And not surprisingly – we felt so welcomed by all your family and friends (just as I always have felt from you guys)!! You guys are such a perfect fit and it was so touching to watch you promise your forevers to each other. I hope these photos make you smile for years and years to come! Now get your butts down to Chicago for a visit and we can go get some fancy cocktails together… what do you say?! 😉 All the best, Christy & James xoxo!


First Look time and both of them were pretty excited to finally see each other!!

Then we snuck back up to the rooftop for some photos at sunset… my favorite!

LOVE their genuine smiles on the right! Ah! So sweet! (So happy my clients get my sense of humor and/or feel okay laughing at me! haha)

Such a beautiful day!!! Congrats again Sammie & Jesse!!


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