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I told you guys all about my newfound obsession with the Nike Run app on Friday. (Or in my case, the Nike Run/Walk app… ;)) Well, after doing a couple of runs (& walks) and getting unbelievably irritated by my lack of appropriate clothes to workout in (I’m talking about pants too short & falling down, shirts riding up & exposing my stomach to the chilly temps, and just total general discomfort that had me focusing more on my clothes than on the run or walk) – I dared step foot in the Nike outlet with James on our way home from Easter yesterday.

I didn’t mean to… but after waiting in the car as James scoured the clearance racks in the store, it dawned on me that perhaps I’d get a little more inspired to get back into running if I actually had the appropriate gear to run my best… maybe it would give me just that little extra push! (And it doesn’t help that when James recently decided to take up running around Christmas-time, he invested in a bunch of really sweet winter/dry fit running gear!!) And so into Nike I wandered, not expecting to have much luck… ha ha…

I should know myself better.

The times when I’m not really meaning to buy anything are always the times I end up finding a million things I like! BUT – at least this I could rationalize because by buying this new workout gear I am making an investment in my health. Yes? AND – I seriously haven’t purchased any workout clothes in almost 10 years. I’m even ashamed to say I’ve been wearing the same sports bras since like, 2000? And the same running/gym shorts since around the same time as well (with the most recent pair purchased when I ran the marathon in 2005).

Sooooo yeah.

That being said, since all that gear is still holding up all these years later – then it is a good investment! The stuff lasts! And like I said – it is an investment in my health. And the older I’m getting the more I’m realizing that is an important thing to invest in! My body just doesn’t bounce back like it used to (nor does my skin), and each day I’m feeling like I need an extra hour of sleep from what I needed the day before. (Why is that?!)

So I’m deciding to take this running/walking thing more seriously – even if it just means a mile a day. That’s better than what I was doing! (Plus, that lady that talks to me through the Nike Run app is just so darn encouraging – I can’t help myself! haha)

Anyway – in true Christy fashion – I immediately had to try on my new gear when I got home. 🙂 The good part about this fashion show though was that it ended with a workout – that resulted in my fastest mile since I started running again last week! I dare say my spiffy new running clothes had something to do with it! 😉 (And my IT band only hurt a little bit… so that’s a positive change too!)

Now comes the part where I embarrass myself all over the internet by showing you the most ridiculous montage of self-timer photos ever taken in one of my new running outfits + jacket. haha… Can you tell I gave up about 2 photos in when I realized how ridiculous of an idea this was?!? (And for full disclosure I didn’t delete a single outtake… because, well, I see all my clients’ outtakes every time I do a shoot… it’s only fair to be as equally vulnerable, yes?)



And now I go hide in a corner somewhere…  ha ha ha….



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