Weekending & Embracing Now ~ Wisconsin Family Photographer

James and I headed up to Wisconsin to celebrate the Easter holiday with my family this past weekend, and were originally planning to arrive Saturday afternoon and leave Sunday afternoon… but had a change of heart. Given that this is our last weekend home with family before wedding season starts in two weeks, we decided to stay a night longer and just embrace the moments right now while we had the opportunity.

Instead of rushing back to Chicago Sunday so we could cram in a couple more hours of work first thing Monday morning… we relaxed in Wisconsin Sunday afternoon… We drank mimosas and played with the kiddos… We laid in the sun on the couches in my parents’ living room and took a nap… We had a low-key dinner and avoided all the Sunday traffic back to the city. We watched NCAA tournament games and enjoyed just being before the craziness of wedding season is upon us.

So even though I’ll be sharing a big photo post in the next couple days full of all the adorableness that Easter held for us this year – I couldn’t help but show you just a little peek into our weekend right away.

I’d say these two images sum it up pretty well… 🙂



I love these kiddos so much! 🙂



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