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I feel like by the end of a week I usually have lots of little thoughts wandering around in my brain that of course I can’t help but want to share with the world! 🙂 So I’m contemplating making “Points & Ponderings” a regular installment here. (Yes, I made up the word ponderings… because I want it to be a noun. haha) Anyway, it is basically random points I want to make and things I’ve been pondering. Here we go!  🙂


1. Reese’s Eggs.  These amazing creations have the perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. I don’t know why they even make regular Reese’s when these are clearly the way to go! Just enough of a thin layer of chocolate to cover it, but not so much that it takes away from what we all really love about them… the peanut butter goodness!

2. Spring!  Yesterday it got up to 45 degrees in Chicago! And it is even warmer today! What! What!! And you know what that means… people outside acting like it is 80 degrees. haha. Kids all over our neighborhood were out in shorts & t-shirts – playing soccer, basketball & riding bikes. It reminds me of when we were kids and the second it was above freezing we were out on the driveway (snow still melting on the grass beside us) rollerblading and playing basketball in not nearly enough clothes until our fingers were numb! Gotta love it!

3. Unloading & Folding.  I’ve realized the magic of not folding my clean clothes this week. Instead I was so lazy busy that I just left it in the dryer all week and pulled out items as I needed them! Brilliant! The same thing works for the dishwasher… why unload it and put everything away when you can just pull clean dishes straight from there when you need them? You’re eliminating a step! Makes total sense. 😉



4. Nike Run App.  James introduced me to this Nike app for our phones and now I am OBSESSED. I’m not really a runner anymore, but the last week or so I’ve been trying to run 1 mile here and there. (That’s as far as I can go before my knee starts to hurt because I busted my IT band when I ran a marathon years ago and haven’t had the patience to work through the injury and get running again – but this may give me the motivation I need!) At the very least it is a great way to track how far I walk with Chloe every day as a part of my Daily Essentials for Happiness. I love it because I can set a distance goal and when I’m halfway there my phone talks to me and tells me my pace and that I’ve halfway to my goal! Then I can turn around and head for home, knowing I’ll meet my distance goal… no guesswork! It’s pretty awesome. (Don’t judge my pace on the photo below… remember, I’m usually walking these miles, so it averages it! haha)

5. Dexter.  James and I were obsessively working our way through Dexter a couple years ago and finished our last season right after we had to say goodbye to Phoenix. It was a good way to distract ourselves (momentarily) from our grief, but I think the show has kind of stung ever since then because it reminded us of that time in our lives – so we avoided it. But this week we found that they have all the seasons On Demand for free so we’re doing our best to burn through them before they’re no longer available!! We’re 4 episodes into Season 6 and I’m officially obsessed again!

6. Pickle Jars.  Apparently we’re those people. You know, the kind that keep empty jars of pickles in the fridge just in case we ever need pickle juice for something?! Don’t get me wrong… we do actually use it (hello, bloody mary’s!)… but it is starting to look a bit silly as our fridge gets emptier and emptier. We basically have milk, cheese, condiments, and pickle juice. haha.



And that’s about all the random points & ponderings I have for you today! For those of you that celebrate, have a fabulous Easter weekend! I can’t believe it is that time of the year already! I’m looking forward to seeing my family and relaxing back home (if even only for a day).



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