March Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

Ah! It’s April 3rd?! Oops! haha. Totally didn’t put that all together until last night! I’ve been so busy editing the sessions we shot last week, and prepping for the Advanced Workshop this Saturday (AH!) that time is just beyond my brain power right now. haha

Looking back on these photos from March I realized that March was definitely the most “off” we’ve felt this (supposed) off-season! We had more time to just BE, weren’t traveling so much, and had a lot of quality time with long lost friends and family! It was just what the doctor ordered before things really get rolling in April!

I’ve decided to break these photos up into smaller groups thanks to some great insight from readers last month (thanks Kinzie & Elissa!) – so I hope this is easier for you all to read! And – I think these are almost all photos you guys haven’t seen on Instagram! Yeah! 🙂

So here we go – another month behind the scenes in the Tyler house!


1. Our long lost love, Jess, who set James & I up at her birthday party 6 years ago – came to town to visit for the first time in a long time! You know that meant we had to head out for dinner & drinks! Which resulted in these adorable little beer chasers with our bloody marys! Awww! Baby beers!

2. I swear we had more snow in March than we did all year! On the night of our biggest snowstorm in the city we decided to head to the park to run around with the pup!

3. The next day she just wanted to hang out in my robe… 😉

4. I cannot workout (especially stretching or doing yoga) in the house without this dog attacking me like I’ve seriously wronged her! haha

5. A typical workday for me. I feel someone’s eyes piercing through the back of my head and turn around to see this… blue steel.

6. James and I had a wonderfully uneventful weekend in March (our only weekend with NO PLANS in I don’t know how long) – and ended up staying up until 3am just talking, and then decided we were hungry for breakfast… and so breakfast was made. 🙂


1. More with our love Jess! These two being goofs before she left town!

2. You know I love me some Bachelor! Watched the finale with wine in hand! I was so happy he chose Catherine! I had a feeling about them for a while!!! Yeaaaaah!

3. Did I mention she can’t help but mess with me when I’m going to do yoga? I laid my mat down… two seconds later – THIS.

4. The super sweet Brooke (who attended my advanced workshop last spring) sent J and I a gift certificate to Revolution Brewery!! Just… YUM! 🙂

5. Here I am, post-gym, so excited about the ranunculus being back in season at Trader Joe’s that I took a photo with them – gym grease and all. haha

6. Our dear friends Krista & Bill came to visit us for the St. Paddy’s Day/The Big 10 Tourney and Chloe made sure she had prime begging stance for dinner!


1. We took advantage of Krista visiting & went out to celebrate St. Paddy’s with my college roommies (who I haven’t seen together since my 30th birthday) – so fun!!! 🙂

2. I absolutely LOVE that our clients turn into friends! We are so blessed! J & I had the best time out to dinner with Morgan & Brady!

3. Dreaming some big dreams with Lauren & Jessica of course required some mimosas and breakfast to fuel our brains! 😉

4. We got a new rug for the living room (see #5) and so that meant we moved our old rug into the bedroom. Chloe insisted on crawling under the bed with us when we were trying to get it situated. I swear it was cuter/funnier than it looks here… haha (Crazy green eyes!!! AH!)

5. New rug! 🙂

6. We attended our friends Courtney & Vanessa’s wedding!! We had the best time reconnecting with friends we haven’t seen in way too long! Here’s a pic of James with his original Chicago crew. 😉


1. Note to self: Bring a real camera to a dark ballroom if you want decent photos. haha. Here’s the best one we could get of us at the wedding!

2. Typical morning scene.

3. Heading to dinner with James! We went to the tastiest Colombian steakhouse thanks to our landlord who gave us a gift certificate for the holidays (that we finally got around to using). Definitely check out La Parrilla if you are in Chicago! SO. GOOD. and the owners/staff are the nicest!

4. Well, I should correct myself… this is a typical morning scene in our bed. Chloe stealing my spot if I dare get up. Seriously. Punk! haha

5. Ombre egg I made at Easter. 🙂 I love experimenting with fun different colors/techniques!

6. This image will never cease to make my heart melt. James loves his niece so much it nearly knocks me over when I witness it. <3


That’s it! March in the Tyler house! 🙂 See you next month!




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