September Tidbits ~ Chicago Proposal Photographer

Oh don’t you worry… I’m aware that every month I say it flew by SO FAST!! But all those other times – I didn’t know what I was talking about, clearly.

Because this past month…?

It. Flew. By.


I honestly can’t even remember where it went, what we did, or how we managed to make it through! So I’m actually curious to look through our month in camera phone photos to see where exactly this past month went in the blink of an eye!

So here we go – another monthly installment of Tidbits! 🙂


1. Chloe likes to steal my People Water bottles. She thinks I bought her new toys!

2. So many double header weekends call for big, hearty breakfasts! Latest obsession: Egg/bagel/cheese/tomato sandwiches. YUM.

3. I am an angel, I swear!

4. We had a month full of gorgeous wedding venues! This one is Morgan & Brady’s wedding at Greenhouse Loft! Cannot wait to share this on the blog verrrry soon!

5.  Recovering from a double header weekend with my sleeping in partner. She has to have a paw wrapped around us, always!

6. My loves at the beach!

7. The drinks heaven is made of. Seriously.

8. Hanging out after our delicious dinner and drinks (see above) at Cafe 28. Amaaaaze.

9. Treated myself to brunch before an incredibly rare mani/pedi!

10. See above. 🙂

11. James & I attended a wedding! (In case you forgot…)

12. She insists on laying in the most awkward spots.


1. James sent me flowers for my birthday!

2. Chloe thinks she is human.

3. Did I mention we shot weddings in some pretty awesome venues in September?!

4. Busy month = lots of carry-out/delivery!

5. First hot tea of the season. Mmm!

6. I got so sick of being kicked, I finally got out of bed… just furious. Then within seconds, she grumbled, yawned, and stretched into my spot like “Ohhh yes, she’s gone!” Punk!

7. Went a little darker for fall. (And apparently for flashbacks to 3 years ago.)

8. Chloe needs some extra training… so – spray gun time! If she ever wants us to keep her during a zombie apocalypse, she needs to learn to stop barking or she’ll give us away!

9. We love lake weddings! …this time in Madison with a view of the capitol!

10. And another lake wedding! This time – at the very place where James and I said our I Do’s! Heidel House on Green Lake!

11. I may or may not have eaten 6 caramel apples in September… but my niece took care of this one – thankfully! (And I wonder why I need to get a cavity filled?!)

12. My latest food obsession. Fresh sour dough bread, avocado, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and oil & vinegar.


1. Post Its are taking over my desk this month!

2. Did I mention we ate out a lot in September?

3. Went to see my dad’s play!

4. Celebrated my mom’s birthday!

5. Scrambled it up with my family.

6. Wisconsin during fall. Looooove.

7. On our way to the Brewers game to continue my mom’s birthday celebration!

8. We went pumpkin picking!

9. Guilty.

10. I went out to my family’s ski hill for some quiet time and to take some fall photos – just for fun! 🙂 That’s when you know you love your job… you go out to do more of it just for fun (even after shooting sessions for 5+ hours already that day)!

11. Some of my faves!

12. The last sunset of a crazy busy, but truly wonderful month!


Here’s too an equally awesome October!!



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