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This past weekend James and I were GUESTS at a wedding (in case you missed it)!!! That’s right – we attended a wedding, with no cameras in sight! (Well, at least not our own!) We dressed up, wandered into the ceremony without 100 lbs of gear, relaxed, and enjoyed ourselves! I wore totally impractical shoes and a dress too short to wear when we shoot weddings. We ate appetizers, chatted with our table-mates, and sipped on cocktails.

In a word… it was AMAZING. We haven’t attended a wedding since August of 2010 we realized (I think??) – so it was a treat! At first I was all, “What do I do with my hands?!” But after a bit I totally embraced it.

One thing I learned while not shooting a wedding is that – I cry WAY. TOO. MUCH. Seriously though. I mean… I already cry a lot when we’re shooting weddings (or so I thought), but it turns out when I don’t have taking photos to distract me – I just lose it completely. You see, the wedding we attended was for a good friend of James’ that I’ve actually never met in person. He loooooooves Cathy so much, and while we’ve interacted on facebook and I know she and Luke are good people because James LOVES them – I’d never actually met them. So really… I mean… I shouldn’t have been crying at the drop of a hat like this is someone I grew up with or something. You know? But alas, I did. I couldn’t stop crying during the ceremony! It was ridiculous. It was so bad I had to pull out a Dunkin’ Donuts napkin from my clutch to wipe my face with because I had nothing else. Then again during speeches… sobbing mess. First dance? Crying my face off. Father-daughter dance? Don’t even get me started.

It was a bit ridiculous. So I guess now I at least know what to expect when we go to Cincinnati this November for one of my closest friend’s weddings! haha. I’ll make sure to bring actual tissues instead of napkins from Dunkin’ Donuts for that one!

Anyway – we had a wonderful time just soaking in a wedding with no worries about documenting every moment of it… But of course – I had to document a FEW moments (with my phone)…


Loved her short dress!

It warmed my heart so much to see how happy James was to be there for his friends. It was seriously adorable. He loves him some Cathy! 🙂


Yay friends! Yay being guests at a wedding! Awesome.


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