Some days…

Some days get the best of you.

Some days you go to the dentist for a cleaning and find out you need to get a filling.

Some days you drive an hour round-trip for a meeting with colleagues only to be stood up.

Some days you need a beer with lunch.

Some days you don’t have a moment to sit and relax with your partner and hear about their day.

Some days your body is angry at you for seemingly no reason.

Some days you don’t cross everything off on your to-do list.

Some days you feel miserable and just need to lay on the couch until you’re able to crawl to the bedroom.

Some days you can’t think of a single thing to blog about.

Some days you just have to say… Okay – I get it today! You. Win.


Thankfully those are only some days… and not all days.

Thankfully tomorrow is a new day.

Thankfully today is that new day for me.


Cheers to that!!


(**Sorry if this was a bummer post… but everybody has their ‘days’… right? I figured I might as well just give in, hit the hay, and know that tomorrow will be better!) 😉


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