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You all remember my first obsession… right? Well, as you know I finally beat Super Mario Bros back in February. Shortly after that – things started picking up with busy season more quickly than I expected and next thing I knew we were full-fledged into wedding season… non-stop for the last 3-4 months. I haven’t touched video games much since… other than a rare game of Wii sports with James on our days off.

That is… until yesterday.

Given that we’ve been so busy (especially the last few weeks) – I’ve gotten truly TERRIBLE at going to the gym. I used to force myself to go a day or two a week just to get my lungs and heart going, and to maintain some amount of muscle tone. Then the double-header wedding weekends started and I felt like those were such a workout that I didn’t need the gym (or that was just a really good excuse because I was totally exhausted)! But alas… I was wrong. I knew I needed to lift some weights and at least get up and walk/move around, but I just couldn’t get myself there!

So yesterday James suggested that I finally take the Wii Fit Plus out of its box and give it a try. (James gave this to me last year for my birthday and I had yet to open it.) He said that I didn’t have to leave home to go to the gym – instead I could just take a 30 minute break and get moving a bit. So I obliged, promising to give it a try for 30 minutes over my lunch break – just to get my blood going and get away from the computer desk momentarily.



Next thing I knew… I had been at it for 50 minutes! I was kicking, punching, running, and loving every minute of it – because somehow they make working out into a competition?!?! And anybody who knows me knows that I LOVE a good competition! (This is probably why I was much better at working out in high school, when it involved being a part of competitive sports!) I forced myself to shut down the game after that and got back to work (which I was much more productive at after a decent workout), not surprisingly!

Then when the work day had wrapped and after we had eaten dinner… I couldn’t stop thinking about my Wii Fit Plus. That obstacle course that I was so terrible at was calling my name. I had to get better at it! I had to beat it! I had to try the bird game… skateboarding… golf… rhythm parade… and snowball fight!

I. Just. Had. To.

So I turned it back on at the end of the night – James once again happy that I loved one of the gifts he had given me (even if it took me a year to open it). And I played… and I played… and I played. I tried almost every option/game there is on that thing. And I loved all of them. (Well, some more than others…) Thankfully because this is actually somewhat physically exerting I became tired enough that I wanted to stop and rest (whereas with Super Mario Bros, I would just play for 3-4 hours straight – late into the night).

So, it is official. I have a new obsession. Thankfully this obsession may turn out to be a good one – because I’m pretty sure I’m already sore from it!



Anybody else a bit obsessed with Wii Fit? Or any other video games for Wii that I should know about?! I mean… off-season is only 4 months away and I have a Christmas list to write… so – let me know! 😉


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