Annie + Peter ~ Backyard Wedding ~ Green Lake Wedding Photography

When Annie and Peter first contacted me last year to ask if we were available to shoot their backyard wedding on Green Lake I practically screamed through the computer – YES!!!

There is just something about lake weddings that James and I loooooove… especially weddings on Green Lake… the lake where James and I were married 3 years ago! (Okay, so maybe that’s really why we love lake weddings…:)) They’re laid back and have a destination feel, while still having the cozy feeling of home. The days seem to move more slowly when you’re at the lake, and people are just… happy. Not that they aren’t normally at weddings – but something about being at a lake just brings out this relaxed, take life moment by moment feel.

Maybe that feeling is why Annie was able to remain calm as a massive storm rolled in from the opposite side of the lake a couple hours before their backyard wedding was set to begin. Somehow she kept a smile on her face as everybody else checked the radar on their phones over… and over… and over. We were able to manage a First Look and some portraits outside before the storm hit. And then it was all wind and torrential downpour. We took cover inside while others put the sides of the tent down to protect the decorations and scrambled to bring in the chairs that were set out for the ceremony. And we waited it out.

Peter came in to comfort Annie and promised her that the day would be perfect regardless because he would get to marry her. My heart melted right there.

James said over and over that he knew the storm would pass. He told Annie the same thing happened on our wedding at Green Lake (true story)… and it passed (as he promised me it would that day as well), and resulted in a cooler and even more beautiful night than we could have asked for. Not surprisingly, the same happened for Annie and Peter. They decided to postpone the ceremony start time until the storm blew over (as James & the radar promised) and let guests sip on cocktails until we began just a bit later than planned. Thankfully, the storm rolling through had cooled things off from the steamy, sticky, 90+ degree day we had… into a beautiful, comfortable 75 degree evening.

It was perfect.

Annie and Peter – I can’t thank you enough for letting us be a part of your beautiful day, and for handling the weather and any other things thrown at you with so much poise, grace, and always with a smile on your face!! It’s obvious being there to witness your day (and in the photos below) – how crazy you two are about each other. You are so perfect together and I know that you will continue to smile your way through life together – hand in hand. All the best, Christy & J ~ xoxo!


So sweet! I love first looks!

See that photo in the middle? Yup – that is Annie & Peter RUNNING to the pier so we could get in some portraits before the rain got across the lake!! Love it! 😉

Peter always keeps her smiling – it’s the cutest.

Absolutely loved the colors and the mixed garden flower bouquets!

Watching the radar!!

We waited out the storm inside and Peter assured Annie everything would be perfect. And it was.

The rain passed over and it was the perfect evening for a wedding! Time to get things rolling…

I couldn’t get over all the details that Annie spent so much time on! Just beautiful!

And then we snuck out to the pier for some photos at sunset… I was in heaven, to say the least!!!


Such a beautiful, beautiful day! So much joy and love! <3


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