Officially Official.

Soooo… this month marked my 7th year living in Chicago. That is absolutely insane for me to say – because when I moved here … I never expected to live here this long. I’ve been in Chicago the longest of any place I’ve lived (other than my hometown… 18 years), and that kind of blows my mind!

Anyway… clearly I was in denial about living here and accepting Illinois as my state of residence. So I convinced myself that I’d be moving back to Wisconsin or somewhere… so why waste money on registering my car here and getting a new license plate?! Then… my 7th year arrived. And I realized, Who do I think I’m fooling?! Clearly we’re here for at least a while… if not for a LONG while. So yesterday on our day off – I wasted 3 hours of it at the DMV (and a hefty chunk of cash)… and got a new license plate, title, IL driver’s license (complete with written exam), and registered to vote. It wasn’t the best way to spend a day off – but I certainly felt accomplished when I made it out of the DMV in one piece!



So, apparently I’m officially official now?! (I’m not going to lie, I was bummed to give up my WI driver’s license… It just feels so weird to have an Illinois one!!)


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