James’ Wii Fit Shimmy Shake ~ Chicago Elopement Photographer

James and I finished out our day off on Wednesday with a little Wii Fit competition. We took turns playing games to see who could get a higher score. James chose to try out the juggling game – where you have to balance on a big ball, and juggle at the same time. The first time didn’t go so well… but I laughed my face off because James was doing this little shimmy shake dance to try to stay on the ball without even realizing how hilarious he looked!

I didn’t say anything initially – but when he set up to give it a try for a second time, I HAD to get out my phone and video tape it (without him knowing… naturally). I did all I could to hold in my laughter as he shimmied and shook his butt around. I was so afraid I was going to bust out laughing in the middle of it and ruin the whole video… but I managed to hold it in until he turned around and spotted me taping him! haha

And because James has no shame – he agreed (although somewhat reluctantly) to let me post this video of him (even though he is shirtless… sorry)! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did – and it brings a smile to your face this Friday!!



I hope you all have a fabulous Labor Day weekend! I really can’t believe it’s September already!! We’re staying super busy with 2 weddings and a couple engagement sessions over the long weekend… so I’ll see you all on Tuesday! xoxo!



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