A Couple of 5 Year-Olds: Part II ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Those of you who have been following the blog for a while are aware of one of my first posts exposing the fact that James and I are a couple of 5 year-olds. (Of course, I’m sure a few other posts may have tipped you off to our childish ways… like this one, or this one, or this one…)


So it should come as no surprise to you that I arrived home from work last night (9 days before my birthday) to James announcing:

“All your birthday gifts finally came in the mail! Do you want me to give them to you tonight?!”

I hesitated for one millisecond (because, let’s be real, I’ve accepted our childish ways), and then immediately said:

“Heck yes! I want to open them tonight!!!”

James then spent the next 15 minutes wrestling with some wrapping paper, a box, and tape in our bedroom while I waited patiently in the living room. Eventually he emerged with this:


(I know, I can’t even make this up!! Look at that wrapping job! Hahaha… don’t you love it?!)


Which then turned into this:





You see, James has a knack for giving me things I mention that I want (but then immediately forget I wanted), as well as a knack for getting me things I need (like games that get me up and moving, and help me to burn off some energy in the middle of all my sitting/editing/working).

I can’t wait to bust it open and kick his butt at some video games!!


**Thanks for the FABULOUS gift baby!!! I love you!!! xoxo! =D

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