Galena (!!!) ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

James and I spent this past weekend in Galena, IL shooting an absolutely beautiful wedding for a couple we happen to be crazy about! (I posted some sneak peeks on Facebook, perhaps you should go check them out!)

I’m drowning in editing at the moment and trying desperately to stay on top of things – so I thought I’d do a quick post and share a photo we took at a scenic overlook on our drive out of Galena yesterday morning.  (If you haven’t been to Galena yet and you live around here… you need to GO. This was our first time there and both of us were just amazed by how peaceful and gorgeous it is!)

Anyway – the photo is below… quintessential “us” – if I do say so myself. 😉



We set the camera on top of our car across the street, turned on the timer, and planned to jump when the shutter clicked – but cars ended up coming from both directions, nearly driving right into our frame. Luckily they noticed we were taking a timed photo and stopped just in time before the shutter snapped. We were both so thrown off by it all though that we lost track of when to jump – resulting in this photo. (Or… perhaps I should clarify…. JAMES was so thrown off by it he wasn’t sure when to jump. Obviously.) ha ha!

Of course I wanted a “re-do” – but James said nope. Apparently he wanted to pull over to enjoy the view – not to have a photo shoot… 🙂

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