Catie + Nick ~ Wrigleyville ~ Chicago Engagement Photography

Where oh where do I begin with these two?!

Let’s just say that when I first met Catie and Nick to discuss the possibility of shooting their (amazing) wedding on a rainy Friday night in March – it was love at first site. There was beer, laughter, and lots of chatting. (Just my kind of people!) 🙂 Of course I immediately started thinking about how much I loved them in my head and how I wanted to be friends in real life… (you know, not just their wedding photographer), but I was trying so hard not to get my hopes up because there was always the possibility they weren’t going to hire me, after all.

And then, somewhere towards the end of our conversation, Nick said something that made me want to jump up and do a happy dance right there in the bar… “Well, you know… we’re playing all hard-to-get here, but really – we’re not looking at any other photographers. But I probably shouldn’t tell you that…

And that was the start of this wonderful friendship I have with these two. 🙂 (OH… was I supposed to be talking about their relationship here? Because I got a little caught up talking about my relationship with them… haha… oops.)

Honestly, there’s not much I can say about Catie and Nick that you won’t figure out on your own by looking at the photos below…. They are madly in love. Nick makes Catie smile like nobody I’ve ever seen. Catie looks at Nick like there is nobody else in a 10 mile radius. They are down-to-earth, welcoming, kind, and just plain-old awesome sauce. And I absolutely cannot wait to document the beginning of another chapter in their love story at their wedding this August in Galena, IL!

(Oh, and I desperately want Catie to teach me how she makes her fabulous ‘model’ face in photos. Seriously. This girl has got the smiling with the eyes, tilting the head, all together gorgeous look down. And I want to learn how too!)


We started out the session at Wrigley Field (for Mr. Cub fan himself, Nick)…

See what I’m saying about that look?! I want to be able to do that! Gorgeous.

Stopped in front a cool, old house on our way to a park…

Reenacting their first date – hanging out at a park on a swing set! 🙂

Catie saw this tree and immediately wanted to climb it… in a dress… no biggie.

ha ha ha…

Dare I say that Nick has the ‘model’ look down here too?!

Then the drizzle started, so we headed indoors to grab some food – and of course – a few beers. 🙂

Cheers to Catie and Nick!!


**(Perhaps I should have prefaced this post by saying that Catie found me through A Practical Wedding… so it’s only natural that we hit it off from the start – of course!)

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