Date Night

Lately I’ve been hearing the following from James a lot:  I miss my wife.

That, my friends, is not something you want to hear ever… especially when we are generally in the same house together most nights. Because that just means that I’m home, but I’m not present. I’m in my office editing and/or blogging away, replying to client inquiries and doing my best to run my growing business – instead of paying any attention to my husband. And when I’m not here – I’m at the day job, where I’m equally busy (and pretty stressed out). Which means when he calls there to say hi, I normally don’t have a ton of time to chat either.

(Talk about a bad wife. Or at least… that’s how I feel. Eesh.)

So, although we see each other daily – we don’t really SEE each other. We don’t have the long talks we used to or the quality time. So in order to preserve our union and feel connected and happy- we decided we are going to put one night a week on the calendar and reserve it strictly for date night. No working, no cell phones, no computers, no emailing, no facebooking, no twittering, no blogging… just us. Doing whatever we want for a night. TOGETHER.

Tonight is the first of these new date nights, and we plan to go to Kung Fu Panda 2! Yay!!!

This is one thing I love about James – that he loves animated movies just as much as me! It’s one genre of movies we can always count on both of us wanting to watch. Occasionally I give in to his need to see an action movie, and more often than not – he rents romantic comedies for me. But animated movies? There is no compromising. We are both happy. And that’s always a good thing. 🙂


(A photo back from when we used to actually get out of the house and be social! Loooong ago…) 🙂

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