to infinity and beyond!

I was in Madison, WI this past weekend for a few photo shoots – and since my sister and her family live there – I got to crash at their place and spend lots-o-quality time with my nephews. Yay! 
Of course I’m always snapping photos of the boys – obviously. But now they’ve gotten to the age where they want to use Aunt Christy’s camera too. (ha ha…) 
So I introduced the little guy (who is almost 3) to the timer button… which means we can set the camera on a stool (no need to hold or drop my camera), he can press the shutter button and then run and get in the picture with us.  
He couldn’t get enough of it.  Seriously. Over and over he’d run up and press the button… then giggle and squeal as he ran back to get in the picture. We’d all watch as the little flashes/beeps got faster and faster … and at the last possible second we’d thrust our hands into the air and yell, To Infinity and Beyond! just in time for the shutter to go off.
Jenn and I were willing to play along for quite a while because his beaming face and non-stop giggles made it totally worthwhile. 
(Oh yeah… did I mention we were in costume for all the pics?)

This week will be lots of nephews posts (I may have taken 1 million photos of them), so I hope you guys are okay with that! 🙂

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