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I do believe I made up that word. I tried to google it to find it in a dictionary and had no luck. So there’s that. But I’m going to go with it anyway!

In case you’re confused – the definition of “happies” (that I made up) is “anything that makes you happy.” Okie dokie? 🙂

So, in light of my post earlier this week about choosing happiness, I thought I’d go through an entire day and take a photo of anything that made me happy. (I normally snap day-to-day pictures with my phone camera – which I really must stop, or I won’t have access to any decent/printable photos of my life ever. But yesterday I made a conscious effort to use my ‘real’ camera!)

Anyway – I digress… The point is – yesterday I took photos of anything that made me happy…. otherwise known as My Happies. And you know what? It actually made me even happier. Stopping to take note of something that makes you laugh, or smile, or just generally happy really does something for your soul. I highly recommend trying it!

Here are some of my happies from yesterday:


Tasty new flavors for our homemade lattes… I don’t care what season it is – these two flavors are always delicious! 🙂


Morning cuddles + craziness. 🙂 ha ha!


Sunny, blue-sky day!


Taxes = done!


Newly cleaned bedding, and Chloe loves it too!


A perfectly ripe avocado. It seems like a rare thing lately – all the avocados we’ve been getting are bad or weird, but this one was perfect! And a tasty bagel concoction for lunch. 🙂


Mid-day work break to dance with Ellen. Yup.


Happies = A cage to put the over-tired/crazy puppy in. Five minutes later she’s sound asleep!


A glass of red wine at the end of the day. Ahhh…


Oh, and… my almost proud moment became A Proud Moment… I – BEAT – THE – LAST – CASTLE!!! (I probably looked like I was having convulsions because I was shaking the controller constantly so I could fly through the entire last part of the castle. Haha. Part of me actually wishes James had secretly been taping it, because it would probably be HILARIOUS to watch.) Anyway – now an extra world magically appeared  – so I’m obsessively trying to beat it, of course. 😉


If you had to document things that made you happy throughout a day – what would some of them be?

Happy Friday you guys! xo!  🙂


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