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It’s just before midnight on Thursday night. We just arrived home from our whirlwind trip to Wisconsin that flew by much too quickly. I’m wiped out and I know I have a 10-month of self-employment post to share (as of yesterday), but I prefer to write it at a time when I can actually function mentally – and not at midnight after a couple of rather exhausting days bookended with lots of driving. And not just any kind of driving… driving with a lunatic dog. A back seat driver dog. A dog who still thinks she is 20 pounds and deserves to sit on our laps in the passenger seat. A dog who hasn’t realized she is nearly 60 lbs and way too long to fit in any seated position up front!

So naturally, she is angry. Very angry. And she likes to tell us about it… I can’t believe how terrible you treat me! I’m a human being too! I deserve to sit up front! How dare you shove me in the back of this car and separate us with a cage! Why don’t you love me?! You jerks!

At least that’s what James and I think she is saying – but I’ll let you translate for yourself… 🙂


Happy Friday everybody! I’m not sure where this week went?!


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