Teeny Tiny Impromptu Mini Vacation ~ Chicago Wedding Photography

Every once and a while the stars align and I actually get to see and spend time with some of my favorite people in the whole world. One of my awesome couples decided they wanted to do their engagement session up in Madison (where they live) – so I arranged a trip up there to shoot their photos Thursday night. Well, it just so happens that quite a few of those closest to me in life live in Madison as well (as you know), and apparently some sort of magic is happening in the universe and I. ACTUALLY. GET. TO. SEE. THEM!

James and I decided to head up a day early because we realized we haven’t seen our niece and nephews since Mother’s Day weekend. You guys. This is unacceptable. That was almost 10 weeks ago! Do you realize how much little ones change in 10 weeks?! I’d say a lot. Sunshine is probably talking up a storm by now! They probably look nothing like this anymore! They’re probably 20x cuter (if that is even possible)!!!


Then I realized that heading up a day early meant that we could make it to Concert on the Square!! If you’re from Madison and haven’t gone – you must. If you aren’t from Madison and are ever visiting during the week in the summer – go! How can you miss a free concert by the Symphony Orchestra on the capital square, sitting on a picnic blanket, eating snacks, and drinking wine with family and friends?! Amazing! We’re going and we’re meeting my brother, my best friend, my cousin, my sister, my aunt & uncle, and one of my brides! Ah! So many people I love in one spot – I might lose it!

(All but one of these lovely ladies on the right will be there! How does that even happen anymore?!)


And as if that weren’t enough… on Thursday my mom is driving over with my Grandma (who is up visiting from Florida, and who I see 2x a year, if I’m lucky). So we’ll be getting some lunch and hanging out!


Clearly I’m a *little* excited about this teeny tiny impromptu mini vacation. I’ve been busting my butt the last few days to get as much done as humanly possible so I can take the day off, enjoy myself with family & friends, and most importantly – feel okay about it! (No guilt, no guilt, no guilt… Normal people work 40 hrs a week and have weekends off… 1 day away from my computer will not kill me. Right?!) And as it turns out – I’m finally realizing that if I want to take any days off – middle of the week is the way to go, considering I’m usually shooting all weekend long, and editing straight through to the next week. So this worked out perfectly!

Anyway, I plan to take lots of photos (as I’m sure you expect) – and I’ll tell you/show you all about the fun we had when we get back! 🙂


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