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I’m not going to lie… I’d been feeling a bit burnt out lately. I wasn’t taking what felt like any real time off. Even when I had “time off” I was constantly thinking about all the work I had to do back home (and I was still technically working/blogging/shooting) – and after it all – I somehow ended up more tired at the end of our teeny tiny mini vaca than I was when we left for it.

Between all the things I have yet to edit, and all the sessions and meetings lined up on my calendar day after day for the next 5 months… I lost a bit of my spark. I started to feel overwhelmed, and a bit like I was treading water (no… more like treading in molasses). Don’t get me wrong – I always absolutely love what I do, and I’m so passionate about it – but even when you love something – you need a minute to yourself now and then.

Surprisingly though, what ended up lighting that spark back inside me wasn’t a moment to myself at all. It was a day spent with two awesome ladies.

I held my 2nd beginner workshop yesterday. Initially I was a bit bummed that all the people who asked me to put on another workshop didn’t end up signing up to come, and that instead I ended up with just two attendees. (I worried what they would think, what others would think… worried I’d look silly hosting another so soon.) But in all honesty – I think it worked out exactly how it was meant to be, and was exactly what I needed right now! I got to spend so much attention and one-on-one time with both Lauren and Nikohl to make sure they were grasping all the concepts and get a full understanding of what I was teaching – that it was so rewarding for me! You guys – these ladies showed up with a limited knowledge of photography and left shooting manual! Did you hear me?! Shooting manual! I was such a proud teacher!

Not only did those two get something out of the day – so did I. Because as it turned out – I didn’t need to step away from photography at all. No, I just needed to get back to the basics, and share my love and knowledge with others. Seeing their excitement over learning new things and grasping the concepts reinvigorated me and lit a fire back inside of me that gave me a renewed love for my art.



Lauren and Nikohl I can’t thank you two enough! You were exactly what I needed when I needed it! And because of you I’m ready to jump back in and tackle my mile long to-do list, film our promo video tomorrow (yay! more on that soon!), and shoot almost 20 more weddings this year. Let’s do this thing! 🙂


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