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I can’t believe it is Friday already!! My to-do lists (yes, there are numerous) just keep growing, not to mention I have a mountain of editing to get out before wedding season really hits us full blast starting next Saturday. So I’m going to keep today’s post quick and get right back to work so I can knock a bunch of this out before heading downtown to shoot a proposal with James tonight! (Yay proposals!!) 🙂

As you guys know – this week was a busy but fabulous week for us! Here’s a little sum up of our week, along with some good things that were included in the happenings… 🙂


Sunday I hosted my first ever Bride’s Day (which I still can’t show you the official pictures of, but you can see the behind the scenes pics here)!


Monday I shot a totally awesome couple’s engagement session. Amanda and Tim are so cool they even made their own save-the-date out of legos! (Seriously, they built them all themselves and took pictures of each frame & put them together to music for their save-the-date! Check it out here! Amazing.) And here’s a little sneak peek from their session…


Tuesday night we went on a fancy dinner double date with our good friends.


Wednesday I took the day off to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. James and I spent the entire day together – no work (other than a few emails) – and just focused 100% on quality time together. Here’s a little glimpse at our day in some (terrible) phone camera pics (including Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast, outlet mall shopping, a bike ride around our neighborhood on a gorgeous day, getting dressed up to head out for dinner & a movie! p.s. James kept laughing at dinner saying, “What woman requests Buffalo Wild Wings for their anniversary dinner?!” But he wasn’t complaining! Oh, and I may or may not have fallen asleep numerous times while watching the 3D version of Avengers. I knooooooow! I was exhausted! And we saw the 10:40pm movie, AND those 3D glasses make my eyes TIRED you guys!) 🙂


Thursday I got a fabulous surprise in the mail… a gift from one of my advanced workshop attendees, Jenn Heller of Ribbons and Bluebirds! I was so confused when this big box came in the mail – so I asked James repeatedly if he ordered something. Finally, I tore into it and found a wonderful thank you note and this beautiful print that Jenn designed herself! The best part? It’s a quote that I’m obsessed with and that is basically my main motto in life and business. I read this quote as the opening to my Advanced Workshop and it blew my mind that not only did Jenn listen – she remembered it and designed me a print from it! I’m not going to lie, I cried when I opened the box. How awesome is this?!

Also – beautiful cards I received – the left from Jenn, the right from Liz – that they both designed themselves. I love real mail! Pretty paper products just make life so much better, don’t they?!


Friday – A successful morning of outlet mall shopping on our anniversary resulted in me feel 100% better on a daily basis, because who doesn’t feel better wearing cute dresses instead of scrubby pajamas?! Also – my new favorite item… a gray bracelet-like watch that James gave me for our anniversary! Now I don’t have to pull out my phone to make sure we’re on our timeline at weddings! I can just look at my wrist! Woot! 🙂 (Let’s pretend I don’t look half-asleep and awkward in that pic, okay? Okay! ;))


We have a busy weekend ahead of shoots, editing, and hopefully some grilling & cold beverage drinking. 😉 Then I’m taking Memorial Day off from blogging to get one last push of work done before wedding season officially starts next Saturday…. so I’ll see you all Tuesday morning!

Have a safe and fabulous Memorial Day weekend! 🙂 xoxo!


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