Finally – SNOW! ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I know I acted like we actually got snow in Chicago back in December… but I feel like I kind of lied to you. Because, you see, while we did get snow… it was really more just a dusting, a pinch, a teeny-tiny bit that melted that very same afternoon. (Insert sad face here.)


Big, heaping piles of it came down from the sky (and it’s still coming)!! And it is so pretty… so – SO pretty.

And not only was I excited – Chloe was too. Big time. As in – she went totally nuts you guys. She stared out the window all day in awe (whining quite a bit to let me know she’d prefer to be outside, instead of just looking outside)…


And then I took her out for a “quick” bathroom break that turned into her sprinting around the yard for 20 minutes, avoiding me at all costs (probably because she knew I would grab her and bring her inside), and acting like she never had a home indoors at all.

Inside? Who wants to go inside?! I will live out in the snow FOREVER! … she yelled as she ran by me at lightening speed. Down the yard, and back, and down, and back… eat a stick here, roll in the snow there, FREAKING. OUT.

I finally had to buzz James from our front door and ask him to come down and help me wrangle the puppy. So he came down, opened the door, yelled “CHLOE!!!” – just once. And in the door she came. Just like that.

Umm… what?! I’ve been trying to do that for the last 20 minutes! My theory is that his voice somehow snapped her out of her temporary insanity – or something. :-\ Hmph.


Anyway – this happened every time I took her out to use the bathroom yesterday. So finally late in the afternoon James and I bundled up, went out with her, and let her play in the snow to her heart’s content.

Chloe always wins tug-o-war. This is my “I give up” face…

(And a few from my phone because I didn’t want to keep my camera out in the snow the whole time. I’m trying out a new camera app. I’m realizing it makes all my photos pink. I’m not sure I love it. But whatever.) 🙂

I hope you all get to enjoy some time outside if you were lucky enough to get piles of beautiful snow where you are! And if not – you can live vicariously through our pics?! 😉

We have a busy weekend ahead… my brother, Will, is coming to visit for the weekend (Yay! Finally!); I have an engagement session on Saturday afternoon; and then friends are coming over Sunday to watch some NFL playoffs, eat some pizza & enjoy a few beers. My Packers play – so I’m just a *little* anxious/excited/nervous for it.  Eeee!!!! I hope we win! After such a good season I get scared that it may all just blow up in our faces in the 1st playoff game. I hope not though! I hope I hope I hope not! 😉

Anyway – happy weekending everybody! I’ll see you Monday! Lots of love ~ Christy xoxo 🙂

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