Jen + Pat ~ Madison Engagement Photography

You guys have already seen a sneak peek of these two in my 2011: Best of Love post (along with a bunch of other sessions I still have yet to blog) – but you haven’t seen the full thing yet! So I’m so excited to share this session with you guys!

I met Jen via A Practical Wedding and we became Twitter friends in no time! 🙂 Sadly, when she contacted me to shoot her wedding, I was already booked for her date (by another fabulous APWer, and mutual friend of ours… Heather!) Thankfully though, we were able to set up an engagement session in Madison, WI (where they live)… so we still got to meet and work together, even though I can’t be there on their wedding day. 🙂

Jen and Pat are SO sweet together I almost couldn’t believe it! And as you know – I work with a lot of lovey-dovey couples… but these two take the cake on lovey-dovey – hands down! They are so adorable together, and so madly in love – it is the best thing in the world to see! We wandered around Memorial Union Terrace and the lakefront on a surprisingly warm November day in Wisconsin. AND – I even got to meet their little puppy, Murphy! (Which, I should note – he is way better trained than Chloe, and they’re the same age. Also – I kind of want them to date. Do dogs date? I think they should. They’d be SO CUTE together! Puppy boyfriend & girlfriend!)

Okay – haha – I’m clearly special. Moving on… the photos! Enjoy!!!


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