Summer Days ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

It’s really hard to believe that summer is nearly coming to a close. Don’t get me wrong … I’m not necessarily sad about it (especially because fall is by far my favorite season), but I just can’t believe it flew by that quickly!

So, in honor of the end of summer, James and I are on a mini-vacation. We headed up to Wisconsin to spend time with our favorite little kiddos yesterday, and are spending today by ourselves acting like kids – at Noah’s Ark! (I’m seriously hoping it’s as cool as it was when I was 10. haha) Given that this past weekend was my only weekend without a wedding or a session of some sort between now and Thanksgiving – we figured we’d take full advantage of it and get out of town to spend some time together.

Since we’re up in the area, we’re making sure to visit family because James hasn’t been able to come up and see our niece/nephews since we greeted Sunshine at the airport back in April. (I know – where has the time gone?!) Lucky for me, I’ve seen the kids a couple times since then (as you saw once here). It has been great to see more and more of them, because Sunshine is slowly starting to warm up to me a little bit more each time. This last time, she even came up to me and wanted me to hold her… and gave me the best cuddle/hug ever. I nearly cried I was so happy.

Anyway – I didn’t take a ton of photos, because on the day I saw them I spent over 4 hours shooting sessions. As you can imagine – I wasn’t much in the mood to pick up the camera at that point. However, I did get a few of the kids hanging out, and when Sunshine got her own little ice cream cone I couldn’t help but document her attempts at eating it! So. Cute.


And as I’m sure you’ve already guessed. I’ll have photos to share from yesterday’s visit soon! 🙂

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