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Hello there!!

So today I’m over at the lovely Zan’s blog: Oversized Cliches taking part in the Infant Inquiries (i.e. Babies Are Scary Part II) series this week! I am so honored that Zan asked me to be a part of this, because… well – I think she is pretty ridiculously awesome (as are all the other ladies taking part in this series) – so I’m just hoping I can hold my own with all these smart, funny women!

And because I just can’t possibly do two real blog posts for one day… that’s all I’ve got for you here. So you should probably go over there and check out what I have to say about being obsessed with babies for as long as I can remember, and all the things I never thought about before but am faced with now that I’m an adult and thinking about having a baby. (Whoa.)

Oh, and there are some sweet throw-back photos of me (and James) there too… like the one below. So you should probably go check it out! 🙂  ha ha



(Yes. Yes. That’s me in the middle, crying my face off. ha!)


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