For those of you that know me well (or have seen my facebook updates as of late), you know that I love fall. I heard once that people’s favorite seasons tend to be the one that their birthday falls in. I think this may have some truth to it – I know it is in my case and in many other people’s as well (yes – I’ve tested this theory…). However, I’m convinced that even if I wasn’t born in September, I would still adore fall. I have so many happy memories of my childhood that center around things that occurred in fall that I don’t see how it wouldn’t be my favorite!
I still to this day can place a certain smell that I remember from – well – as far back as I can remember – that when I smell it I always say “it smells like fall” and it makes me oh-so-happy and nostalgic. (It doesn’t really exist in Chicago – it’s a rural smell for sure.) It’s kind of a mixture of leaves on the ground, crisp, clean air and the faint smell of a bonfire in the distance (or something like that). And it’s amazing. I always smell it when I go back home to Wisconsin. It doesn’t quite seem like fall without it.
Unfortunately, it can’t possibly exist here in Chicago (at least I haven’t experienced it in 5 years) because: We can’t/don’t have bonfires (that I know of). There aren’t really leaves on the ground – at least not for long because someone is required to rake them up immediately or they get fined or something (I’m guessing. It’s Chicago, let’s be real – you get fined for breathing here on certain days of the year.) And just when you think you’re getting a whiff of fresh, crisp air – then you get a little stench of sewer, or dog poop you may have stepped in, or exhaust fumes. (Don’t get me wrong, I do love this city… but it’s a love/hate thing, as it is with most Chicagoans, I believe.)
Anyways – I just got completely sidetracked (please forgive me). Where was I? Oh yes – childhood memories that contributed to my love for fall… 
#1. High school football games on Friday nights
#2. Raking leaves
#3. Bonfires
#4. Going back to school (yes, I’m a nerd like that)
#5. Watching Packer games with the whole fam on Sundays (my mom conditioned us to like them – how could you not when Packer game days meant you got all kinds of delicious homemade snacks and it was the only time you got to drink SODA!?)
#6. Reruns/crappy TV shows are over (although, now I have HBO to get me through the summer…)
#7. Back to school shopping
As an adult, my reasons for loving fall have only multiplied it seems…
#8. Being comfortable in my own apartment (no central air means that cool fall air is amazing!)
#9. Not sweating on my walk to/from the bus
#10. Not being crabby and snapping at people because my entire outfit is sticking to me (James especially loves fall for this reason. I’m a crabby hot person. Me + heat = not pretty)
#11. Jeans
#12. Cute boots
#13. Layers of comfy clothes
#14. Cuddling under blankets
#15. Good beer they only have in stock during fall 🙂
I could list these forever, but instead I’ll leave you with a random reason down the list:
#279. Scarves 
I originally had James take a picture of the scarf I wore today around my neck (minus my head/face – because you all don’t need to see that) but then realized how lame it was. Then I had an idea – I know someone who would look way cuter in my scarf… 🙂
I got a little carried away… she was just too cute! 🙂
Okay – this is it I promise… just these two more… 🙂

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