Mueller Family 4-Generation Photos ~ Wisconsin Family Photography

You guys will of course remember adorable little Jackson (and his parents from the many sessions I’ve done for them, and albums I’ve made for them)… and since I’m sure you haven’t had enough of the cuteness yet – here he is again! This time he brought his dad, his grandpa, and his great-grandpa with him! You see, 4-generation photos are a big deal in this family. When I arrived for this photo session I was handed an old photo from when Dan (Jackson’s dad) was a little baby, with his dad, grandpa, and great-grandpa. Whoa. I felt the pressure of tradition and family in that moment, but also was so excited to be able to document this moment for them!

But what I enjoyed even more than documenting this moment (in all it’s posed, “everybody look at the camera” glory) – were the moments in between those photos – where these grown men were swooning over this little baby boy. It made my heart swell. I could hardly handle the cuteness. Seriously. Go look – you’ll see what I mean…. 🙂


And then Jackson started to get sick of this whole picture thing… so they did their best to entertain him and get him happy again… so cute. 🙂


Don’t you love it?! What is it about men with babies? So sweet!

Happy Friday everybody!!! Have fabulous weekends!

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