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**UPDATE:  We no longer use KISS Albums for our client albums. You can see some of our current client album examples HERE.**


I can’t believe it – but I already have more fun things to share with you guys!!!

Yesterday I got some pretty fabulous things in the mail (that I of course had to take pictures of and post about). 🙂 I’m really excited about both – but have to share the surprise first because it seriously caught me completely off guard. I arrived home from work to find a little package for me from California. I looked at it, confused. I flipped it around. I examined the front… I examined the back. I held it in my hands, then paused and looked into the air, puzzled… trying to remember what on earth I had ordered and forgotten about…  but nothing came to me.


(me)  J, did you order something for me?

(J)  Noooo…

(me)  Well, what is this package then?

(J)  Does it look like I opened it?

(me)  …. noooo….

(J)  Then how would I know what it is?

(me)  Oh.  Right.


So I did the only thing someone would do who wants to know what is in a package…. I opened it immediately. (Duh. Why didn’t I think of that minutes ago..?) And do you know what it was?! Do you?!

It was PILLOWCASES!!!  But not just any pillowcases… it was the pillowcases I blogged about last week in my Daydreaming Design post! (I know! AMAZING!) After the initial shock of getting something fabulous in the mail, my mind immediately went back to the question, “Who on earth sent these to me?!”

Then I saw it – a card. The envelope had my name written on it, and the inside read, “Every photographer needs pretty pillows in her office!  ♥ Emily”

And I was officially floored. Someone I’ve never met in ‘real’ life sent me a gift. A completely random act of kindness. My heart turned all warm and fuzzy… People continue to amaze me on a daily basis.

Thank you so much Emily!!! I absolutely them! You are so sweet! 🙂 I cannot wait to put them in my office just as soon as we find a place & get moved in! 🙂  (If you didn’t already, you should probably go check out Emily’s website. She’s an amazing wedding photographer in San Francisco that I’ve become friends with via A Practical Wedding… the awesome wedding/marriage website we both are sponsors on!)


And now… on to the KISS albums I ordered that arrived yesterday too!! First of all, in the past I’ve only ever ordered Leather Craftsmen, which I love (and have talked about in the past). But I was looking to have a few more album options for my clients (i.e. something for non-wedding clients that would like albums from their regular sessions, perhaps). So when I heard Kevin Swan speak at the PASS Premiere Tour in Chicago (and especially when he pointed out the $100 off coupon for a sample album), I couldn’t help but look into ordering myself some KISS albums! 🙂

I designed one album and then went to the site and ordered (2) sets of Little Kisses (4×4 mini-albums), (1) 8×8 sample album for me, and (1) 10×10 album for my friend Kimberly! I couldn’t believe how quick and easy the process was. I designed the album, and then ordered all the variations in about 15 minutes (or less) on July 23rd, and I received the final products yesterday – 12 DAYS LATER!!!  Isn’t that crazy fast?! I think so.

Now – pictures – for you to see it all, of course.


All the albums in their cute fabric covers, and on their own…

The Little Kisses (4×4 mini-albums to carry around with you anywhere!)

The sample album has the KISS logo embossed on the back…

Because KISS keeps things simple, there is no embossing on the cover, no photo insets, and no titles down the spine – which means any words or logos you want on the album need to be worked into the design.

I’m in love! I think these make a great alternative for regular session clients who want albums, or even for wedding clients who want a simple design for a little lower price point. 🙂


(Past & current clients – contact me if you’re interested in more information about KISS albums or if you want to order one from your session!!!)

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