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Well, after 3 years in our first apartment together – James and I are nearly certain we’re ready to throw in the towel. Not because we dislike anything about our current place – we actually love it. We built our life together here and made our first memories as a married couple here. Along with all the emotional attachments we have to it – I have a lot of physical attachments to it…. mainly because I’ve done A LOT to personalize, customize and decorate it just to our liking (so leaving here is NOT going to be easy). But, we’re a bit tired of paying more in rent than most of our friends outside of Chicago pay for their mortgages. So – to a new neighborhood we go. We’d ideally like to find somewhere bigger, with more bedrooms, laundry in-unit, and cheaper. (I know – sounds like high expectations – but we’ve realized these places do exist!) And a bigger place means that I will get to have an ACTUAL office of my own – instead of a spare bedroom/work-out room/storage/office. haha!

Naturally, the lover of interior design in me is already brainstorming how to manifest my brand in an actual, physical space. The thought of working in a room that is inspiring and decorated to my liking, just for me, with proper storage and organization is… well… a dream. 🙂

And this is a little bit of what my daydreams look like lately…

Here are links to the goodies I found:

Gray Sleeper Sofa, Gray Storage OttomanYellow Chevron Pillow, Just Breathe Print (which I happen to already own!), NYC Screen Print, Oatmeal Chair, Black Bookcase, Plain Yellow Pillow,

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