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I had a fabulous mail day on Monday of this week! It’s always so fun to get stuff in the mail… real, tangible things. I love it. I love it even more when they are things I’m super stoked about to begin with! Namely – a 40″ x 20″ canvas print of the Madison skyline, and a bunch of fun, new branding materials!!  Wee!!!

So – without further ado – pretty new things!!!


40″ x 20″ canvas print of the Madison skyline for a lovely client of mine who lives in Madison, WI!  (Photo taken with my Mamiya film camera)

So you can see the size… I had James hold it for a few pics. 🙂

And a close-up of the canvas texture…


Next up – more branding materials!  As you know, Promise designed me a totally awesome Thank-You card that I LOVE, but I realized I needed something plain to send my clients on occasions where I don’t necessarily need to say Thank You.  So I removed the words – and made this plain card!


And since I’ve been shipping a CRAZY amount of packages out to clients lately – I realized I wanted the OUTSIDE of my packaging to tie in with my packaging on the inside – so I designed these shipping labels with some of the colors/logos/textures that Promise gave me with my branding materials!! (I especially love the gray one on the right!)


And in case cool shipping labels weren’t enough… I also bought super-cool branded stickers!!!!! AH!  LOVE! 🙂 I can just stick them where ever I want!  I made some with my little stamp/logo on them, some that say Thank You, and some gray textured ones just for fun. I’m obsessed!!


And last but not least… I had to stock up on some more business cards! The first time around I only ordered 100 because I wanted to check them out and see how I liked the photos I chose for the back before I ordered a ton of them. And, as you know, I LOVED the results – so I ordered 300 more! (I was nearly out of the first batch already… turns out when you’re really proud of your business card, you give them out much more often!! Awesome.)


Yay for pretty things!


. . . . . .

And in case you’re curious:

Canvas Print from Simply Canvas

All branding materials from Moo

check out OUR VERY



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