Re-Branding: Print Materials

Well you guys — it is finally ALL together! Not only is my web presence all cohesive, but now my print materials are too!! I’m so excited to share with you guys all the amazing stuff Promise Tangeman designed for me, as well as the extra little things I designed to go along with it! It has been quite the process getting everything in order, finding where I wanted them to get them printed, ordering, waiting for shipping… you know the deal. 🙂 BUT – now it’s here – all in one place!

I hope you love it as much as I do!!!


First off… is what my soon-to-be clients get when we meet-up to discuss their wedding photography – this lovely little box with some goodies inside! (Most of which I’ll share with you… but their gifts stay a secret in case any future clients are reading this!) 😉 Oh, and the sunflowers are just there because they are pretty, match my colors, and I love them right now… 🙂

Inside is a copy of my Investment Guide, and a Sample Contract for them to review. (Both were designed by me with the textures/colors/logo Promise gave me.)


Next up are the amazing Thank You cards Promise designed for me! So happy & cheery – I love them! (The insides are blank… in case you’re curious.)


Next are the CD cases Promise also designed, along with the printed CD (designed by me)… Yay!

You’ll notice on the left that I had my Print Release printed directly on the inside cover of the CD case so that it will always be with the images and easy for my clients to find when they need it!


Next up – which may be my FAVORITE out of everything…. my mini business cards!!


And a few more images of some details…

(On the right is the little package I ship to clients when their images are completed. I’m obsessed with baker’s twine!)


YAY cohesive branding!!! Pretty printed things make me so happy. 🙂


. . . . .

In case you’re curious, here is where I had everything printed:

Business Cards & Thank You Cards =  Moo

Investment Guides =  Brochures Printing Online

CD Inserts =  Disc Makers

CD’s & Contracts =  printed at home

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