shiny new website (!!!)

You guys!!! It’s here!!! It’s here!!! It’s here!!!

My shiny, new website is HERE!!!

I cannot say enough good things about this process… About how Promise somehow managed to figure out who I am and what my style is, without ever meeting me in person, and put all those things into creating my brand and my website to reflect me.

I honestly cannot. stop. looking. at. it. I’m completely smitten. 🙂



And some of my favorite parts:

My new “About Me” page – which has numerous little pages within it, that I think leaves clients with a pretty good idea of who I am…


And of course, I loooove the new “Raves” page (which I’ve never had before) where I can showcase all the ridiculously nice things clients have said about me and my work. 🙂 (But then again, of course I like that page!) 😉


And this was a good process for me to go through because it allowed me to really go through my galleries and update, update, update!  (**Note: To those of you who have heard me say in the past how much I disliked scrolling galleries… well, I apparently changed my mind. ha ha. Yes, I have gone to ‘the dark side’… and I love it! I think the scrolling galleries go perfect with my horizontal-based site and really compliment the overall design!)


Of course – there’s LOTS more I love about the site… but really, I think you should just go see for yourself!!! And while you’re at it – maybe go tell Promise how AMAZING she is and what a fabulous job she did!! 🙂

(I hope you guys like it too!!! I hope! I hope! I hope!    Also, I’m sorry for the excessive use of smiley face emoticons in this post, but I just can’t help it! :))

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