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A week ago James and I finally got to spend a day with my sister, her husband, and our niece & nephews. It was the perfect summer day… breezy, not too hot, and blue skies. We spent most of the afternoon hanging out in their backyard,  playing games, racing each other (because that is apparently my nephews’ new favorite thing), and grilling out. It was the first time in quite a while that James and I had most of a day to just chill with family – and it was the first time James has seen our niece since she arrived home back in April. (I know… we need to visit more!) It was great to see her warming up to him (since she generally doesn’t warm up to men other than her dad). She even went as far as to hug him goodnight… well, almost hug him goodnight – but James got SO excited that she was coming towards him with her arms out that he let out some sort of scream/yell that freaked her out right back into being scared to death of him. haha. So close!!

Anyway – here is a (somewhat long) picture story from our perfect afternoon and from the next morning before we took off to spend the day at Noah’s Ark (photos from that coming soon!)… 🙂


(Oh, and let’s pretend James didn’t hop out of the car after driving 2.5 hours, take off his gym shoes, and throw on sandals without taking off his black socks first. Let’s just pretend he isn’t wearing socks here… haha!)

The sun & smoke from the grill made these pictures below look crazy! I love it! 🙂

Sibling fight?

Pleading his case to mom…

Sunshine wandered over and wanted to get up on the bench and sit by James… so he picked her up and set her next to him. This was a pretty big deal. She even let him rub her back! So cute… melts my heart. 😉

Scoping him out…

Competitive much?! ha!

Family picture time! I have to say – I think these are the best ones I’ve ever gotten of them – with all the kids looking at the camera for the most part & sitting still! Amazing.

Early morning… hanging out in the living room.

I can get pics of the boys with Sunshine each on their own… but try to get a sibling photo? Not happening…

Littlest nephew wanted his fake tattoo put where Uncle James’ tattoo is… showing it off…

Dancing by herself…

And done. 🙂


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